UNIQLO Ultra-Light Down Coat (Review)

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This past fall, I bought a new coat for my trip to South America.  I know light weight puffy jackets are “in” right now but every time I  looked, I was turned off by the price tag.  When walking through the mall, I stopped into UNIQLO for the first time. I walked out with an ultra-light down coat for $70.


It is light, it is warm and it packs down small in a stuff sack.  But the best thing – you don’t feel like you are wearing a heavy coat or like a kid in a snow suit. The coat is comfortable and easy to maneuver in.

Not only did I bring it to South America wearing it both on the plane and in Patagonia, I also wore it to work every day this winter.  I bought my dad one for Christmas and my mom one for mother’s day.  They both brought them and wore them in South Africa. It was unseasonably cold and they wore them every day!

Beware, they run small.  I would normally wear a medium and my coat is an XL.  But, if looking for a travel coat – I highly recommend it.

I received no compensation of any kind for this review.  I just really like my coat!


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