For years, I have been meaning to buy a pair a shoes that can take the rain. In the winter, my hiking boots work great.  They are waterproof and warm.  For the other three seasons, I love my Merrill sandals and have refused to consider other options.  However, after my trip to Shanghai last year, and two days of torrential rain, I knew I had to finally find another solution.  After asking others and reviewing blogs I settled on a pair of Keen sandals.  And then they sat in a box for 6 months….

I finally dug them out to try them on my daily morning walks in Guam.  It was the spring of COVID, so the gym was not an option.  And even with my walks, I was struggling to keep the weight off.  My daily 4-mile walk was essential.  But it was not uncommon for a downpour to come out of nowhere and leave me soaked. 

I found my Keens a little hard to get used to and I got a blister the first several times I wore them.  Every time I wore them, I found a new hot spot.  I then began to wear them to the beach for some beach walking.  I found them to be stable and dried very quickly.  But they still rubbed just a bit. 

My reviews are mixed.  They are definitely a better option in the rain.  And they are more versatile for a trip.  They are a little more casual than I would prefer for traveling. 

I like that they can save room if needed and hang outside my pack.  And they are very versatile for rain, showers, at the end of the day etc…  And very easy to clean. 

I now wear them every day and they have become my go-to shoe. But it took months to break them in. I’ve actually never been so torn about a pair of shoes. I will continue to love them and wear them, but I don’t know if I will buy another pair when the time comes.

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