This post is dedicated to my good friends Leigh, Walt and Heather. They always appreciate a great meal and are willing to go back again and again when we find somewhere we love!  13 of the places listed below we ate at together.  And I am sure there will be a part 2 to this blog post as we continue to travel and eat around the world!    

It is one thing to write a review after leaving a restaurant and to say how good it was.  It is another to dream about it and talk about it years later. Here are my favorites from around the world.  These are not in any particular order. 

Ha Noi & Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:  Duongs for lamb and chocolate soufflé

Honolulu, Hawaii:  Salad bar at Duke’s Canoe Club & Bravo’s

Sofia, Bulgaria:  Pizza Palace

Washington DC:  Old Ebbitt Grill, my favorites are their blue cheese bacon burger and their strawberry shortcake (seasonal)

Anchorage, Alaska:  Anything at Moose’s Tooth, Humpy’s, or Snow Goose

Washington DC:  Butternut risotto at Lavagna

Bucharest, Romania: Caru’ cu bere (everything we ate was great but we still talk about the traditional pastry like a donut with sour cream and jam)

Montevideo, Uruguay:  Grilled lamb and peppers at Brasilo Café

Puerto Madryn, Patagonia Argentina:  Lamb at La Estel

Sarajevo, Bosnia:  Dveri (especially the bread)

Ljubljana, Slovenia:  Breakfast at the Sloan Hotel

Krakow, Poland:  Amazing potato pancakes from a street vendor (on the left side from the main square as you head toward the castle of the street of either Rynek Glowny or Stolarsky)

Siem Riep, Cambodia:  Ribs at Marum

Maokong (Taipei), Taiwan:  Yao Yue Tea Restaurant

Montreal, Canada:  Waffles at Cora (it’s a chain)

Tokyo Japan: Ninnikuya (Garlic restaurant)

Hong Kong:  Weekend Buffet at Bombay Dreams

Las Vegas, Nevada:  China Tang

Buenos Aries, Argentina: Pizzeria Guerin

The following places are also on the list, but less helpful because I can’t provide enough details.  But I would have to include them if we were chatting over a cup of coffee and I will definitely hunt for them next time I am there…

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia:  Wonderful place down by the lake

Rome, Italy:  An amazing small place that only sat less than a dozen somewhere near the Jewish Synagogue

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic:  Amazing cheese risotto

Marrakesh, Morocco:  Amazing veal piccata at Le Jardin  or Table de la Medina  (I can’t be sure which but I don’t eat veal or much red meat anymore, but I will make an exception and hunt this place down next time I am back in Marrakesh)

Sorry I don’t have more photos.  I don’t really take pictures of my food.  But I do dream about it!  

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