Someone recently asked what I carry around with me daily when traveling.  On a standard trip when out and about all day, I usually have two bags on me.  The first is a small cross body purse that never leaves my body.  Let me say that again – never leaves my body! The second is a light backpack or tote back that is expendable in an emergency. 

Cross Body Purse:

            In a safe interior compartment that I don’t have to access often I keep my passport, credit card, and any large bills. 

            In the main compartment I keep a small change purse with local money, small notebook, pen, my travel notes / research, and my phone.  If I used a small camera it would also go here. 

            Separate from both of the above I will keep a debit card (or a second credit card) and a little more money. 

            Tissues (or toilet paper) and hand sanitizer.  This could go in the backpack, but because the way my current cross body purse is designed, I just keep it on me. 

Light Backpack (sometimes a tote bag): 

            This is where I keep a light jacket, my umbrella, and a bottle of water.  If for any reason I need extra clothes (hat, scarf, gloves, change of shoes etc…) they also go here.  If spending time on a bus / plane I will also carry a book.  Essentially this is where I put things I may need, but never anything I can’t live without.  This bag also gives me room for any purchases I may make during the day.

As you can see, both bags are small and pretty light.  Nothing cosmic.  The right number of essentials and “just in case.” 

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