I was recently checking out a blog with book recommendations for an upcoming trip to China.  And it reminded me I am behind in providing some of my own destination reading recommendations.  My list of books for both Japan and Asia continues to grow, but after living in Alaska for 9 years these are the books that have stuck with me.  All but one of them I read when there and when I think of them, they still remind me of that time in my life and how much I love the wilderness and nature to be found in Alaska.

  1. Bird Girl & The Man Who follows the Sun: An Athabaskan Indian Legend from Alaska by Velma Wallis
  2. Two Old Women: An Alaskan Legend of Betrayal, Courage and Survival, also by Velma Wallis

Both very different books, but a wonderful look at traditional values and stories of Athabaskan’s (natives of Alaska).

two old women.jpg

  1. Trisha by Robert Specht – true story of an early Alaskan school teachertrisha
  2. The Sleeping Lady by Ann Dixon and Elizabeth Jones – fairy tale of the mountain you can see from Anchorage
  3. Coming into the Country by John McPhee – story of the melting pot of Alaskan and the diverse group that make it home.cominginto.jpg
  4. The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah – a very recent fiction novel of a family that moves to Alaska in the 1970s.  the great alone.jpg

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