South African Travel Agent – Cape Insights (Review)

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I found Cape Insights through a Facebook recommendation in a travel group.  I checked out their website and then emailed Marion.  They are a small company, in fact it might just be Marion. 

I don’t often do tours and one of the primary reasons is because I know what I want to do.  I appreciated Marion because she listened to what I wanted.  I spoke to a few companies before her.  They arranged a phone call and after we discussed what I wanted they sent me the standard itinerary from their website.  Marion didn’t do this.  We did have some back and forth based on her experience.  In some cases, I was firm (Cape Agulhas in one day instead of two) and in some cases she convinced me it was too much (driving the Garden Route the week of Christmas). 

When I compared the prices for lodging or tours, those she quoted were often the same or even less.  She does charge a 4% handling fee … which is fair.  She runs a business and has to make a living.  At one point I did some quick math and based on some of the savings, plus alleviating the hassle and stress of having to arrange my own transfers and drivers, I think it was definitely worth it. 

She is transparent with all pricing and provides a detailed cost break down by activity, day and person. 

She was responsive to emails and questions – very easy to work with.

But of course, most importantly we had an amazing trip.  There were a couple of small hiccups and it felt like luxury to just shoot her a quick note for resolution instead of dealing with the hassle myself.  We were able to maximize our time.   We stayed in some phenomenal places.  We had knowledgeable and friendly guides. 

**Side note, while I stick by my decision to do Cape Agulhas in one day, everyone who was with me says the one change they would make is to do it in two! 

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