Guam Hiking, Part IV – Lesser Known Gems

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Talofofo Bay. This is one of my absolute favorites.  It was a last minute decision when we intended to go to Talofofo Falls but they were closed due to COVID.  The hike follows the shoreline and most of the hike is in water.  It takes a minute to get used to the conditions and the first 100 feet were tough.  After falling and hitting our toes and shins we almost turned around.  But once we got past that area, it was fantastic.  The colors were amazing.  We saw a dolphin.  There were colorful crabs and interesting caves. 

Maguagua Falls.  This is a friend’s favorite hike and I understand why.  It has amazing views and a hidden waterfall.  The colors of the rock are some of the most magnificent on island.  The trailhead is at end of Turner Road (same as Upper Sigua).  Turn left onto the dirt road and then make a right at the water tank.  Your hike starts here. 

Inarajan Falls.  This is a great hike.  It is longer and more exposed than most of Guam’s hikes.  But the moonscapes on the way and the water falls at the end make it well worth it.  While most books rate it as difficult, it is relatively flat most of the way.  There are a few turns you need to be aware of, so make sure you go with someone who has done it before or use AllTrails.  Parking is at Inarajan Middle School (same as Tinago).  If you are up for it, the initial part of the hike is also the same as that for Laolao and Fintasa.  There are several Carabobo in the area and they have posed a problem for me twice.  Make sure you have a plan B to return safely to your car.  On one hike, we crossed the river and met up with the Tinago trail.  It was doable but not fun and not recommended for someone without a good sense of direction.  

Ague Cove.  Of note, this is private property.  But the owners are generous, just make sure to ask permission first.  You can get contact information through one of the hiking groups on Facebook.  Ague Cove is relatively short hike.  The decent is steep (I found it easier coming up on the return).  But the cove is gorgeous and secluded and great for snorkeling. 

Ghost Caves.  This is one of my favorite hikes but it didn’t make that list until the second time I did it and had a better idea of where I was going.  You definitely want a recording, and event then might get turned around and do some extra mileage.  Parking for this trail is just down the road from Tarzan falls and the Santa Rita sign.  Cross the street and walk towards Tarzan Falls and you will see the marked trail through the woods.  A few tips:  After you leave the woods and start down the grassy path, you will need to go right.  It is marked but hard to see if you aren’t looking closely.  If you have a recording, pay attention.  You will river walk for a bit but then get out on the right side of the bank around the huge rock that you have to climb over with a tire.  There is a trail.  I found it once and missed it once.  Either way, head up the bank and up the hill while veering left for the woods.  Eventually you will find a marked cave, this is not ghost cave but you need to go through it (on all fours).  You want a light source and be prepared, the mosquitoes are thick here. Continue to follow the trail until you find the river again.  Go left.  When you get to a T in the river, go left again.  Follow the river to ghost caves.  Once you’ve taken your photos and had a snack, go through the cave.  Then hug the river on the right side until you can see the grassy hills again.  Leave the woods and follow the trail back to your car.   

Cetti and Sella Combo.  I am sure others have done this, but I didn’t read or hear about it – I made it up and loved it!  Park at the Cetti overlook and head to the river. At the river, turn left and hike up river 15 minutes to the falls.  Then follow the Cetti River to Cetti Bay (this is a bit of a walk but the river landscape changes throughout).  Enjoy Cetti Bay and then head north and walk along the coast to Sella Bay.  Head up Sella Bay.  While the two trail heads are only a mile apart, you will want two cars to make things easy.  Make sure you are wearing boots and clothes you can get wet.  Make sure you are wearing long pants, shirt and gloves for the Cetti portion of the hike (but can change at the falls or Cetti Bay into something more comfortable for the sun).

Option 2:  If you are really, really adventurous and want everything in one hike, reverse the order.  Hike down Sella, walk along the beach to Cetti bay, walk up the river to the Cetti falls, climb all 7 falls and then hit Mt. LamLam for sunrise. 


Waterfall Valley.  4 waterfalls back to back!!  If you look up this hike, you will find reviews that say easy and reviews that say hard.  I was confused but after doing the hike, I can see the problem.  It is a very short hike.  And if you have done any hiking in Guam you will find it fine, even easy.  However, there are some slick rocks and there is a steep climb out.  I think it is fine for older children (pre-teens) and fine to bring your dog if they are a seasoned hiker.  You can find the trail head on google maps.  Park on the side of the road and head left.  Turn right on the jeep bath before the truck.  Head straight down.  Once you hear the water, if you didn’t hit the exact trail you might get to a steep drop off.  Back up and go to the right to go down, it is steep but nothing unusual.  Once you hit the falls just head downstream to see all 4.  We went in dry season and it was peaceful and magical but it must be phenomenal in wet season!  Once you see the 4th waterfall, head back up to the 3rd and you will see a trail off to your right to hike out.  The hike out it pretty steep but I am fairly short and did it easily. 

Tarzan Pools.  This may be one of the easiest hikes on Guam.  It would be a great hike for a someone just starting out or a visitor.  Park on the side of the road just east of Tarzan Falls at 13.3866, 144.724222.  Start hiking on the North side of the street down the jeep road.  It’s a good idea to have a recording to make sure you don’t get turned around but the hike should take less than an hour each way.  It is exposed so make sure to bring a hat and lots of water.  You will end at the pools which is a great location to just hang out in the water.  Even in the dry season, the water was clean and high. 

Fid’ian Cove.  This is a combination of Anao and Ague Cove.  Park on the side of the road near N and 49.17.1 E and follow the fence east.  You will cut into the jungle and follow the trail markings to the cove.  It is fairly steep but no sword grass.  You do need gloves.  Hang out at the cove and even snorkel.  Pay close attention on the way back.  My first time, we lost our trail and had a heck of a journey to find it again. 

Asan Falls.  You will not find much online about this falls and I didn’t know what to expect.  However, it turns out it is at the edge of a new neighborhood and is only about 10 minutes in and 15 minutes out.  Super easy.  Very well marked.  Beautiful.  If I lived there, I would hike it every day.  It was a little tricky to find the trailhead.  Trail head is at N and 42.34.4 E.  Park at the end of the houses and head down. 

Talofofo Caves.  I would rate this easy but there is enough adventure with the caves.  Parking is on the right side of the road as you head south on Route 4 and turn right onto Route 4A..  the trail head is well marked. The path is wide, relatively flat, covered and easy to follow.  From the main path, you can visit 5 caves.  We were a little confused, because the first marked place is a large rock with a rope.  While this was fun to explore, it is not one of the five caves.

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