Meals I Still Dream About — Part II

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Here is the second installment of “Meals I Still Dream About.”  These are my favorite meals from around the world.  To make the list, it has to be a meal I have craved (and actually thought about returning to the place just to eat there).  It is also a place that has come up in converstation with those I enjoyed the meal.  Remember that place where ….  Or a reason to dismiss a competitor.  It’s ok, but not nearly as good as the one I had in ….

Most of the places listed below are from the past year or two.  However, there are a couple that I neglected to to include in Part I. But, they came up in converstation and I realized I had done them a diservice to have forgotten them in my earlier post.  As an example, Sugar Shack was less than a mile from my house in DC.  So it didn’t feel like anything special at the time.  However, every single donut I have eaten in the past 2 1/2 years has fallen short – and so it makes the list now!  

I am sorry, I am horrible about remembering to take photos of my food.  And by the time I think about it because it was so tasty and I want to recommend it — it’s gone!  🙂 

Meers for burgers outside Oklahoma City.  My parents loved this place in the 1970s and 40 years later when friends move to North Texas they would frequently make the drive.  This is a classic landmark and worth the trip.

Penan Bistro in Jakarta is Malaysian food with a huge menu, fantastic veggies, wonderful seafood, lamb and duck.


Breakfast buffet at Le Merdian in Jakarta was probably the best I have ever had.  It was fantastic! (It bumped the Ljubljana Sloan Hotel breakfast buffet which held first place for several years).

Nino’s for Italian in Nara Japan was a fun and intimate night out.  Nino believes in slow cooking and personalized service.  It is a meal you will not forget.

Mezopotamia Kebab House is a street stand in the center of Kyoto.  I’ve spent 3 ½ hears living in the middle east and this was by far the best doner I’ve ever had.  I ate two in one sitting even though I am a vegetarian.  It was worth it!

Nakiryu Ramen which is one of two Michelin star Ramens in Tokyo was the best I had and worth the two hour wait.


Bruges Waffles & Frites in downtown Salt Lake City has wonderful Belgium waffles and fries.  I usually order both.  It also has outdoor seating and if visiting in the summer is a short walk from the Saturday market.

Cheesecake at the Blue Boar in Norwich England.  They make a different cheesecake on the weekends and it is available until it is gone.  I can’t tell you how many Saturdays this meant I felt the need to get up and have Cheesecake for breakfast to make sure I got some before they ran out.

Croissants at Metissage in Komutsu Japan.  I love croissants, but I am pretty picky about them.  These were the best I had in Asia.

Okonomiyaki (pancakes) at Doutonbori in Japan.  I loved this so much it warranted its own blog post.


Sugar Shack for donuts in Old Town Alexandria outside of Washington DC. The salted caramel is my favorite.

Garlic for Turkish food in Shanghai!  Everything was outstanding. I will be back!

Goodfellas for Italian in Shanghai!  We were seated next to some people who travel to Shanghai frequently for work and they told us they never skip Goodfellas.

Illustrous in Manila is a great place to have lunch inside the old city.  The menu was large, the staff was friendly, the food was fantastic and the Sangria was amazing. In case you are wondering, it is the Sangria that Jennie and I wistfully remember (more than the food).

Ramen and especially the eggplant at Hiir in Nagasaki.


Clinton Street Baking Co.  for blueberry pancakes in Singapore.


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