Nakiryu Ramen – Is it worth the hype?

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Spoiler alert:  Yes!

Nakiryu Ramen is one of two Michelin star ramen cafes in Tokyo.  It is a small spot with only 10 seats.  Something I loved was the ramen costs the same as any other bowl of ramen in Japan.  The prices did not go up with the stars. Additionally, the staff is very kind and even provides umbrellas to those waiting in line for protection against the sun or rain.


And the ramen did not disappoint.  As a friend commented, everything seemed just a step up in quality.  The noodles were perfectly firm.  The flavors came together.

They open for lunch at 1130 and if you want to minimize your wait time, I recommend arriving sometime between 1030 and 1045.


I tried the Tantanmen ramen here for the first time and loved it.  I’ll add that it is a little spicy and has minced pork instead of sliced pork.  As an aside, I don’t normally do spicy and I am a transiting vegetarian.  I still loved it and will order it again!  But my friends ordered the Shoyu ramen and were equally as happy with their choice.

It is an easy walk from Otsuka Station (on the JR Yamanote Line).  They are open Wed-Sunday 1130-1500 and 1800-2100.  On Monday they are only open for lunch and are closed on Tuesday.


Hint:  To gauge your wait time, it was exactly two hours from the light pole.

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