Merrell Shoes – Magic Shoes (Review)

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In the Spring of 2008, my mom and I were planning a cross country road trip from Montgomery Alabama to Utah.  We had plans to stop along the way in Savannah, Charlottesville, Washington DC, New York City, Chicago and then every place that looked interesting as we headed west.  I needed a new pair of shoes and went shopping.  At my first stop, I was asked what I was looking for and I replied – “the perfect shoe.”  I needed something that would go with shorts, skirts, jeans and dresses.  I wanted to look cute.  I didn’t want to look like a tourist.  But I needed something that would hold up to long days exploring a city – no less than 20,000 steps per day (and in some cases 30,000 steps).

The saleswoman replied – you don’t want perfect shoes, you need magic shoes.

She then proceeded to recommend Merrell sandals.  It is 9 ½ years later — I am a believer and they are my go to brand!

I now buy a pair of Merrell sandals every other year.  They are less than $100 per pair (often only $50 if I remember to buy off season) and truly magic.  If it is above freezing, they are the shoe I pack for every trip regardless of location.  My Merrells have been on four continents and almost every trip in the last decade.  I wear them at home every day in the summer, and in Washington DC, they are my “commuter” shoe to and from work.  They can easily handle 10-15 miles of walking per day.  They are comfortable and cute.

And for those times that it is too chilly for my sandals, I have a pair of Merrell shoes which work perfectly with jeans or pants.  They are as comfortable as a pair of sneakers but blend in more without the garish colors.

Although of note, every time I am in the market for hiking boots, I always want a pair of Merrells but have never had as much luck and always end up going with another brand. But that doesn’t stop me from loving my sandals and shoes and for them to always be my Go To!

(No incentive or payment was received for this blog post).

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