Travel Apps – Best Kept Secrets

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There are a few life-changing travel apps out there.  Lots of blogs will give you a list of 10 or even 50.  I am sticking to 3.  These 3 really make a difference in my quality of life and travel experience!

Mobile Global Passport is a free app that allows you to pass through US immigration exponentially faster. I don’t understand why more people don’t use it and frankly I am hesitant to recommend it because it might make the line longer!  Download the app before you go and upload your information.  When you land, input your flight information.  You can then enter the expedited immigration line at several US major airports.  This is especially useful if you are transferring (and don’t have checked luggage) because it gets you ahead of the pack and into the TSA line much faster. 

Cover art can be used without internet.  You need to download the maps ahead of time when you have a good signal but then can use it at any time.  You can plan where you want to go with several colored pins if you want to organize by sights, food, hotel etc….  You can also sort by folder for easy reference later “What was that place where we ate at by the thing???”  Just go back and look it up! 

Cover art

Splitwise has got to be my favorite.  I travel a lot with family and friends and I used to spend HOURS with a spreadsheet, calculator and receipts trying to figure out who owed who what.  Splitwise can be entered immediately (without internet), you have multiple options to split the costs, you can upload pictures and notes.  I love it! 

Cover art

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