I received no compensation or discount of any kind for this review.  These are my opinions based on my experience.  

I recently traveled on the Icelandic discount airline, WOW, for the first time.  The ticket was $368 round trip from Baltimore to Reykjavik.  I was apprehensive but couldn’t turn down such a great price and was willing to give it a chance.

This price did not include an advanced seat selection or checked bagged or even a standard size carry-on.  I was allowed one 10kg carry-on bag.  I did not spring for any extras.  After all, the extras quickly add up and frankly I wanted to experiment and to see if I could do it and how painful it would be.  As it turns out, I was able to easily pack everything I needed for the trip in one small backpack and I was still able to get an aisle seat when checking in at the airport.

I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the staff and crew both directions.  I thought the seats and leg room were more spacious than some stateside domestic flights.

Our flight to Iceland departed late due to a thunder storm.  Because all flights go through Iceland and there are only a limited number of flights per day, all of the connecting flights from Iceland to the Continent were also delayed.  This of course made the passengers from the US happy, but I can only imagine how the passengers embarking in Iceland felt.

I have debated flying WOW again to one of their other destinations.  But frankly, I am not sure if the prices are worth the extra time and hassle to go through Reykjavik if I don’t have time for a layover in Iceland.  However, to be honest, as I type this now, I keep getting distracted by the WOW website and the idea of a trip to Copenhagen or Berlin this winter for $350 round trip.  That is at least $100 cheaper than any other ticket I can find to Europe right now…  I’ll keep you posted!  If you live in the DC area, Boston, New York or California, maybe you should keep them in mind for your next trip!  https://wowair.us/


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