I have read too many books and seen too many movies – when I think of Prague, I think of danger and intrigue of WWII.  I think Cold War spies.  I think of lovers strolling along the Charles Bridge.  And I think of fog rolling in off the Vltava River up the hill to the Castle…  To me, Prague will always be one of the most romantic, mysterious, and most beautiful cities in the world.

Day 1:  Start your first day in Prague at the Castle. The castle was first built in 880 and was the seat of the Holy Roman Empire in the mid 1300s.  The castle has remained in use through the centuries and is still houses the Czech government.  Don’t forget to see St. Vitus Cathedral and Golden Lane while there.  Plan a minimum of two hours to explore the grounds and if you are not in a rush plan on half a day.

Once done at the Castle, walk down to the Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square, Stare Mesto, to see the Old Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock (sit and watch the apostles on the hour).  Eat either here at the square or down by the river to people watch and enjoy the atmosphere.

Travel Tip:  Walk across the Charles Bridge as many times as you can at different times of day, both ways, in different light.  It is always changing and the views always takes my breath away! 

Day 2:  Visit the Jewish quarter and see the museum, the cemetery, and the synagogues.  In the afternoon, visit a museum or two.  The National museum and Prague city museum are both great.  I also love the Museum of Communism aptly located in one wing of an old 18th century palace. http://muzeumkomunismu.cz/

Prague is also known as having the world’s most beautiful library, Clementinum National Library, with magnificent frescos and globes.  http://www.boredpanda.com/beautiful-library-prague-czech-clementinum/.  If you have time and it works into your schedule, try to take a free walking tour.  There are several options in Prague and well worth the time.  https://www.freetour.com/prague

Don’t forget to try a Czech beer (Pivo), a bowl of goulash, and a Trdelnik (local pastry) from a street vendor.

Two days in Prague is enough at one time, but it will get under your skin and draw you back time and time again. 

Movies:  Mission Impossible (1996 version with Tom Cruise) and Kafka.


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