A guest post from my cousin and friend, Emily Wilberg – 

I love to travel and I love to hike! But I have to say, working full time sure puts a crimp in my ability to do either of those activities. It’s easy to get discouraged! There are a few ways I deal with this- one is that I am ALWAYS planning a trip. Daydreaming costs nothing! And, I did find an inexpensive way to sightsee that has been a lot of fun.

Yes.fit is a website (and app) that has virtual challenges based on your favorite places and stories. You sign up for the race you want (maybe it’s Sherlock Holmes in London, maybe it’s Dirty Dancing in the Catskill Mountains.) You log your miles (walking or biking) and you can see on the map where you are along the path. You click on the red pin and can look around a 350 google street view. It’s pretty much awesome. Every once in a while, there will be a green pin with a fun fact or photo. You can count only intentional workouts or can count all daily activity as an incentive to move more.

It’s fun to see places I’ve been (London) and fun to see places I haven’t-yet-been (Nepal) My first race was “Yeti in Nepal.” Here is one of my mile markers!


Races are as short as 18 miles or as long as 154. The cost for each race is usually somewhere between $25- $30 but it’s been my experience that they have discount codes often.


BUT my favorite part is the bling! You get rewards when you complete your race. You can choose either a medal or a tshirt. I have found them to be high quality. So far I’ve only earned two, but I’m currently working on walking the ExtraTerrestial Highway. I was just there in December, so it’s fun to remember.


What do YOU do when you are in between trips to make it through?

Full disclosure! I offered to post about Yes.Fit in return for a free race. But I’m telling all my friends about it anyway, so you would have heard about it sooner or later in any case!

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