Life Lessons from the Camino de Santiago

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There is no looking back. Only forward.  Where do you want to go? – Taxi driver to Angelica from Hamburg

Use time wisely.  Don’t waste time on something that won’t yield results – Good friend during a conversation

Some people walk with someone their entire journey.  Some people walk alone.  Others meet someone along the way.  They may be together for only moments or for longer.  This is true on the Camino and in life.  

More likely to see the face of God in a field of poppies than in a deserted church.

There will always be someone ahead of you.  There will always be someone behind you.  … You don’t know where they started or where they are going.  You don’t know what they are carrying in their pack.  

It is a difficult question.  Do you see the places you love again & again or do you find new places to love?  … It is the same with people.  – Danish man to me over lunch

Just do it!  Don’t wait around for someone to do it with you.  – Both me and the Oregon girl to the Danish man

Sins can’t be laundered by good results.

In order to walk with someone, one of you will have to speed up or slow down.  It is unusual to meet someone who walks the same pace.  … this is true in life as well.  

The light that burns twice as bright – burns half as long.

Me to other pilgrims:  Bernie sets a pretty fast pace.

Bernie from Australia: I thought I was keeping up with you!

Buen Camino





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