If it is not already on your bucket list, add Petra!  Petra does not disappoint and I swear you will feel like Indiana Jones as you walk through the Siq and discover the Treasury for the first time.  I thought Petra would be over rated.  I thought I would be done after a few hours.  But it wasn’t and I wasn’t.  I had an awesome day discovering the tombs, climbing the cliffs, hiking to the High Place of Sacrifice (a great hike) and wheezing my way to the Monastery (a harder hike but worth it).  I spent one full (very full) day at Petra but next time I think I would like to spend 2 or even 3 days so I can do some additional exploring.  Tradition says the grave of Aaron, Moses’ brother, is in Petra and I would love to hike to it.   Even if you only have the time or resources for a 48 hour stop in Jordan, Petra is worth it and you should definitely consider it. 

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