I had the awesome opportunity to live in Turkey for a couple of years.  Turkey is an amazing country full of history, culture, religion, and wonderful people.  It was in Turkey that I met two of my favorite people in the world – Leigh and Walter.  Since that time we have become friends and traveling companions.  Not only are they enjoyable traveling buddies, but Leigh is a walking compass who can find her way anywhere.  Walter is the guy who will stop and talk to anyone and everyone stops and talks to him.  He is also an awesome photographer able to capture color, emotion, and spirit like few others.

There has been a lot happening in Turkey recently and my heart goes out to the Turkish people.  In honor of them and the beauty of their rich heritage, I thought I would share some of Walter’s amazing photographs of their most famous and beautiful city – Istanbul!  To see more, visit Spokenlight on Facebook or Instagram!


This is one of Walter’s most recognizable photos.  If you look in the tea glass you can see the Mosque in the reflection.  I have this hanging in my office as inspiration! 10365898_925320410813225_6388666121105467920_n

The famous Sufi Whirling Dervishes devoted to the memory of the poet Rumi. 10985030_985275001484432_1844411745410199045_n

This is a wonderful photo of the Basilica Cistern.  This is less visited than many other sights but is pretty amazing and dates back to the 3rd and 4th centuries.  It is also a great place to cool off on a hot summer day as it will be at least twenty degrees cooler.  For those that read Inferno by Dan Brown, this is the Istanbul location at the end of the book (I don’t want to spoil the plot for those that haven’t read it yet).


Walter does wonderful portraits of those he meets around the city.


Ferry along the Bosphorus which divides European Turkey from the Asian side.  


Hagia Sophia built as a Byzantine church in 537 AD, converted to a Mosque in 1453 and is now a museum.


Downtown Istanbul


Galata Tower


To see more of his fantastic photographs, don’t forget to visit Spokenlight on Facebook or Instagram!  And to read more about Turkey, check out my earlier posts on Life Kinetic!


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