Last week, Life Kinetic turned one years old.  I think all anniversaries and birthdays tend to make you reminisce. So here are my thoughts about Life Kinetic one year later…

First and foremost, I am thankful for the support of friends and family.  Several of you provided valuable advice last winter as I was getting started.  Thank you to my husband who was supportive of the idea and for the past year who has let me occasionally shut myself away in the office to get caught up on my writing.  Thank you to family and friends that have been so supportive that they have shared my posts with others and in turn really made me feel like I had something of value to offer.

I definitely shouldn’t quit my day job.  In 2016, I lost $211. 19.  I only had a handful of customers, but on the flip side, of those I had, several came back again.  I was consistent, and didn’t miss a single post.  I shared an interesting travel blog from another website to Facebook every single day for a year and I wrote my own original post every week for a year.  It turns out I have a lot to say!

This year I visited my 75th country – Cuba.  International travel took me to Iceland, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Cuba.  Stateside travel took me throughout Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Texas, Utah, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

With Life Kinetic I am more disciplined about doing what I love.  Before officially launching the blog and research business, I would avidly read anything and everything, but it was haphazard.  I now regularly read and/or review almost 100 travel blogs, am constantly on the lookout for books to keep my views fresh and I subscribe to two magazines.  I even attended the DC Travel Show this year.  This discipline has been one of the personal achievements from the past year – because really, whatever your passion, there is nothing sadder than not making time for what you love.  So taking the time to be disciplined and read and write about the world has been more fulfilling than I imagined.  Maybe even more (or at least equal) to the trips I was blessed to take…

My father used to quote to the old adage, do something you would do for free.  I am currently doing Life Kinetic for free (literally).  But it is still fun.  I love to travel.  I love to research and read about travel.  I love to help others plan their trip.  So stick with me and see what year two has in store for us!

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