I received a research request for a car trip from Utah to Kentucky (through Indiana).  They were interested in seeing less touristy places and wanted recommendations for a horse farm in Kentucky. 

I was able to find them half a dozen recommendations for horse farms but also some sights to see along the way. 

For any US road trip make sure you check out Roadside America and Atlas Obscura.  Roadside America provides “uniquely odd” tourist attractions for every state.  Atlas Obscura is more discerning and can provide you some real gems to visit. 

In case you are planning a trip across the country, listed here for your consideration are some of my favorite stops I found…


Cabela’s Flag Ship store is in Sidney, NE (right off the interstate).

Arbor Lodge and Morton Mansion (also part of the Lewis and Clark Trail).

Archway Museum in Kearny, NE.  Don’t ask me why, but I have been at least twice (but maybe 3 times).  It is right along the highway and depicts 170 years of westward expansion.

Carhendge (Replica of Stonehenge made with cars)


Little House on the Prairie Museum, Burr Oak

Des Moines Art Center oversized statues

Covered Bridges of Madison County (yes, as in the book and the movie)

John Wayne’s birthplace and Museum

Field of Dreams movie set 


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield (Also Lincoln’s tomb and Lincoln’s home)

Cahokia Mounds is the largest prehistoric earthwork in the Americas (700-1400 AD).  It is also a UNESCO world heritage site.


Indiana Beach (dubbed Midwest Coney Island) Monticello

Studebaker Museum

RV Museum Hall of Fame in Elkhart

Indiana Dunes State Park


24050478-stacked-pile-of-old-whisky-barrels.jpgMary Todd Lincoln House in Lexington

Bourbon Trail

Learn about Coal mining in Tri-city area of Cumberland, Benham and Lynch

National Corvette Museum

River boat on the Ohio River


National WWI museum in Kansas City

Mark Twain’s home

St. Joseph to learn about Pony Express and Jesse James

Largest rocking chair, fork, bookshelf and ball of twine!

And of course, for reading about where you visit, a map of the most famous book from every state.  


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