Georgia (the country) In Pictures

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Georgia is an enigma.  It borders Russia and was part of both the Soviet Union and Russian empires.  But with it’s coveted spot on the Black Sea, and milder climate, it has developed it’s own culture and personality throughout the centuries.  It is the birthplace of Joseph Stalin and also the resting place of the Apostle Matthias.  It is one of the oldest wine regions in the world and converted to Christianity in the first century after visits from the Apostles Simon and Andrew.

Here are some fantastic photos of Batumi and Tbilisi Georgia from my friend Walter of Spokenlight photography.  


Georgia 1.jpg









As you can see, Georgia doesn’t really remind you of anywhere you have been.  To see more fantastic photos of Georgia, or to see awesome shots from around the world, visit Walt’s Spokenlight facebook page.

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