If you plan to make it to Gallipoli, or are in Izmir with some extra time, then a trip up the coast can be fun.  Make sure either trip includes a stop at the ancient city of Troy.

Sometimes we forget that the ledges we hear and the movies we hear have roots in reality.  We all know the outline of the story, Helen of Troy was so beautiful that she was the cause of the Trojan War.  What gets lost in the myth, is these were real cities and real kingdoms.  Of course we don’t know if there really was a Trojan War or if this was the spot.  But we do know this is the location of Homer’s Iliad and where he believed the ancient Troy to have been.

And the ancient city of Troy stands on the North West coast of Turkey.  I’ll be honest, there is not a lot to see and if in Turkey, I would not visit Troy before Istanbul, Izmir and Cappadocia.  But if driving, from Istanbul to Izmir, or if visiting Gallipoli, it is definitely worth a stop! 

One of the most interesting things about Troy is it was over 4000 years old the last time it was destroyed.  During previous wars and destruction they built the new city on top of the old city.  This means you can see multiple layers of the city, history and culture today.


Of course they have a Trojan horse that you can climb up into and while very cheesy, it was fun and I’ve done it twice!

There is a small museum at the site.  And unlike ruins elsewhere in the world, at Troy you can get up close to the ancient walls and climb around.  There are several spots where you can see the layers of all ten layers of Troy through the ages, 3000BC onward.

Movie Tips:  Troy with Brad Britt.  

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