In several of my DC blogs, I recommend grabbing a bite to eat in a DC neighborhood…  Here are a few of my favorites in Georgetown.

Lady Camellia Tea – I am a tea snob and this is one of the best spots I’ve found in the US since leaving England more than a decade ago.

Pizza Paradiso – I love Pizza and DC has a lot of places to choose from…but this is by far my favorite.

Farmers Fishers Bakers – Great food, awesome variety, fair price, sustainable and near the waterfront…do I need to say more?

Martin’s Tavern – Opened in 1933, this is a historic gem where several President’s have dined and where JFK proposed to Jackie!

For a full list of restaurant recommendations and things to do in Georgetown, check out their site online.  If possible, I always recommend a reservation when eating in DC!

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