Japanese Toilets – They’ve come a long way…

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I lived in Japan as a pre-teen in the late 1980’s.  Japanese toilets are a memory that have stuck with me over the past 30 years.  I remember “squatty potties”.  I remember I needed to carry toilet paper.  I remember being grossed out at the mess on the bathroom floor.

Let me tell you, they have come a long long way.

Since returning to Japan 3 months ago, I have seen very few “squatty potties.”  And those I have seen have been in larger bathrooms that also have western toilets.

Every bathroom I have been to (and trust me, I have a small bladder so there are a lot of them) has been spotless and have had toilet paper.

Most toilets include a built in bidet.

The toilet seats are heated!  Yes, not only have the met Western standards.  They have gone the extra mile and surpassed them!

Many also have a feature to have a flushing sound without wasting water in order to mask any other sounds coming from your stall.

And all of this is activated by the push of a button!

Finally, and my favorite part – they are everywhere.  Japan is not one of those countries that has no public restrooms.  I have never been far from one and they have them in convenient locations such as train stations and even hiking trails!

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