Hiking boots with thick soles and ankle support**

Rain coat and pants (not an umbrella or poncho)**

Yen** (1000 for the bus.  Snacks and drinks get more expensive the higher you go – think 500 yen per item.  If you plan to buy a stick and get stamps I would bring an extra 3000 per person.  Plus bring a 1000 or so for unexpected expenses.)


Layers for warmth** (long sleeves, coat, gloves, extra socks)

Water** (2 Litters per person)



Trekking poles (I highly recommend)



Snacks (can buy on the mountain)


Oxygen (can buy on the mountain if you need it)

First aid supplies

Plastic bags for trash and to keep things dry

Toilet paper and hand wipes  

Work gloves (you may use your hands to scramble over harden lava)

Cotton mask or bandanna (dust)

Phone & camera


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