The Ramen museum in Yokohama was a wonderful surprise and well worth the trip.  The first floor has a shop and displays providing the history of Ramen.  There is also a taste testing area that offers insight into the different kinds of ramen once an hour during lunch time.


However, the real fun is downstairs.  There are two floors with a recreation of Japan in the 1940s.  This includes shops as well as 9 different Ramen shops where you can enjoy and experiment with famous recipes from throughout the country.  Before you go, check out their informative website to get an idea of the differences between the Ramen cafes and decide which ones you might want to try.


Similar to other Ramen shops throughout the country, be prepared to order using a vending machine (cash only), dispensed a ticket with your order, and wait to be seated. It is some of the best Ramen I’ve had in Japan.



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