This was unlike anything I have ever done.  The museum takes you to a different world full of light and color.  I felt like I had dropped into Alice and Wonderland, Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory or the movie What Dreams May Come.


This is a great spot for those with children and it was fun to watch the kids explore and run around. In fact, at the end of the museum there is a huge adventure forest just for children.


Tickets are a little pricey but I thought it was worth it.  The museum is packed on most days, so buy your tickets in advance on line.


I also recommend you arrive about 30 minutes before the museum opens for the day.  I arrived just as it was to open and the line was long. It moved pretty fast but the museum quickly began to fill up.  Since it is an experience and not looking at items on the wall, the crowds are less disturbing but arriving early will give you some time before it becomes too much.


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