If you have more than just a couple of days in Tokyo, and you have a clear day, I recommend taking the time to hike Mt. Takao for a couple of reasons:

  1. Stunning view of Mount Fuji from the top
  2. Wonderful views of Tokyo
  3. This is a very popular hike for locals. If you go on a weekend, it will be crowded, but you will get a glimpse at another side of Japanese culture.


The trails will be filled with families and people of all ages.  You can bring your own food or there are plenty of places to eat at the top.  There are also multiple temples and other things to see along the path.


It is 599 meters to the top of Mt Takao.  You have the option to walk the entire way, or to take a cable car for the first portion (this is the steep portion).  The first half of the trail is paved and has a pretty steep incline.  After the cable car, the path is still paved but is much less steep and is very doable for anyone that has been walking around Tokyo.  No special gear is needed for any of the trail and most Japanese do it in just day clothes (jeans, pants, tennis shoes, even dresses).


This is also a great outdoors option because it is very convenient to a train station (Takaosanguchi St) and only about an hour from Tokyo.

If you have time, there is also a Trick Art Museum directly across the street from the train station which can help you make a full day of the excursion.

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