Menbakaichidai Fire Ramen – No Ramen No Life

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Before my first trip to Kyoto I was told to check out Fire Ramen.  Ever on the quest for the best bowl of ramen, we made it a priority to try it.  It has a reputation for being busy.  We went during an off time and were rewarded by being the only ones there.  However, by the time we were ready to go, the place had filled up and there was a line.


Because of the oil, you will wear a bid the entire time.  It is an open kitchen so you can see your ramen prepared.  The team is fun and they will even hang your cell phone so you can get a video of the ramen.  Once served your ramen, they will literally set it on fire.  Big huge flames that terrify you just a bit.


I should note, that I didn’t love the taste of the ramen.  If had a very smoky flavor.  However, the experience was so much fun again, I will definitely go again next time in Kyoto. 


Note, they do have a veggie option which is rare!

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