Tokyo is a city unlike any other.  For one – it is huge! By population it is the largest in the world.  It is also an amazing combination of the traditional past as well as the future.  There is always something new and innovative going on.  The Japanese love to have fun and to experience new things!   If spending time in Tokyo, make sure to something that you probably can’t do most other places.


teamlab Borderless or teamlab Planet – I know other cities now also have a teamlab museum or exhibit.  But Tokyo has two and they are so very Japanese.  I loved them both!

Ride through the city on themed go-karts.  I had a co-worker tell me I had to make this a priority before someone got hurt and they were shut down.  But years later, there are still several opportunities take advantage of this fun way to see the city.


I have written extensively about Onsens, a Japanese public bath, but I love them and think everyone should give it a try when in Japan! Here are some tips for your first Onsen.

Many big cities have themed cafes.  But no city has as many or as diverse a selection as Tokyo!   Cats, pigs, monsters, ninjas, a jail cell, Alice in Wonderland, robots, ping pong … the list is endless.

Go to a 4D theater.  There are over 45 locations in Japan where you can experience a movie with all of your senses.  An Aeon mall is the most common location to find a 4D theater.

And of course, don’t forget to visit a Karaoke bar to sing your heart out with all of your friends.  Of note, this is different than in the US or other countries where you have an audience.  In Japan, you have a private room with your own Karaoke set up for your individual group.

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