My first day on Guam, my boss’ wife told me the tour of Ritidian caves was her favorite thing.  The longer I knew her, I realized this was a huge compliment.  She was very active diving and hiking.  But COVID, the fact that nobody in Guam answers their phone and some random closures made this difficult to arrange.  The tours require advance reservations, are only on Saturday at 9 am and are limited to 10 people.  Finally, I drove down to the ranger station when they were open and got an email address.  I then reserved an entire tour six weeks in advance so I could have all 10 spots for me and some friends. 

I am glad I took the trouble.  I don’t know that is was my favorite thing on Guam, but it was extremely interesting.  The tour is about 90 minutes long.  The walk is easy and in the shade.  We had two children with us, who did the walk with no problem.  You visit two caves with ancient paintings and see one latte stone.  But most importantly, I probably learned more about the history and flora/fauna of Guam in this short time than I did the year prior. This is also the best place to see the tunnels of butterflies. I didn’t get a great photo but they were beautiful!

To make reservations, call 355-5096 or email  You’ll want to bring a flashlight for the walk but other than that, no special items are needed.  Plan to take some extra time to complete the other 3 mile nature trail or to hang out on the beautiful and Northernmost beach. 

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