As I have written many times, I love street art.  I think it is uplifting and fun.  I think it tells you a lot about a destination.  Wynwood is more than just a couple of paintings; it is a full scale open air gallery that covers several blocks.  Tony Goldman (the same person responsible for the revitalization of South Beach and SoHo) had a colorful and unique vision for the neighborhood.  There are really two separate parts to Wynwood.  There are the official Wynwood Walls which has specific opening times and changes its displays annually.  And there is the more organic and less official Wynwood neighborhood which is always open and has art around every corner and alley. 

I recommend planning at least half a day to walk around the area.  We went in the morning so we could also eat at Zak the Baker.  And while it was delicious, the neighborhood really started to become alive after lunch.  And there are tons of places to eat.  Next time I think I will go in early afternoon.  Either way, this is a fun way to spend a few hours or half a day! 

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