Guam Private Boat Trips – Review

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I caught a random post on Facebook about Guam Private Boat Trips.  They offer trips out of Merizo in Southern Guam.  Boats fit up to 6 people and you can spend the time snorkeling, watching wildlife and skurfing,  They advertise turtles are seen 100% of the time and dolphins 85% of the time.  Prices are very reasonable, especially when divided between 3 couples, so we decided to give it a try. 


All correspondence is via email and text.  Ro, the owner and Captain was very easy to work with.  I changed the date on her once and it was no problem.  Her responses were clear and prompt.  I was a little wary when we showed up at her house and saw what looked like a small boat.  Especially when I looked back at all of the stuff we had brought with us. 

Not a problem.  Ro had a spot for everything and we were quickly on our way.  And she was right.  We saw turtles and we saw a pod of dolphins.  About half of us tried Skurfing while the other half drank mimosas (we brought ourselves).  The coral was beautiful and my only complaint from the day was the time was not long enough.  If I have time to squeeze in another trip, I will definitely extend it to 3 or 4 hours.  Two hours was just not long enough. 

For more information get in touch at


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