I recently returned from a wonderful week long trip to Belize. In order to wet your appetite, here are some photos!

I watched every sunrise and sunset while there and must of have taken over a 100 photos.

Cave tubing was a great relaxing afternoon. It is an activity shared by locals and tourists.

I know it’s not a great photo, but Caye Ambergris is also somewhere you can enjoy the night sky. This is becoming so rare…

Belize was my first opportunity to learn about the Mayan civilization and visit the ruins. There are over 1000 Mayan ruins in the country but only 15 have been partially excavated. We went to Lamani and Xunantunich. We all preferred Lamani!!

There is a debate about which is better Caye Ambergris or Caye Caulker. I am glad we stayed at Caye Ambergris, but Caye Caulker definitely has a different feel to it and is worth a day trip.

We saw sharks, turtles, rays, monkeys… as well as dozens of types of coral, birds and fish!

Last but not least – the flight over the blue hole was spectacular and on a short list of one of the coolest things I have ever gotten to do!

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