In the last 1 ½ years Solomon’s have saved me twice.  And as a result, they have become my go-to magic shoe. 

In Guam, I was very resistant to getting a new pair of boots.  I love my Oboz.  I’d had them for years. They had worked for hundreds of miles along the Appalachian Trail and over the Pyrenees.  But they just didn’t get enough traction in Guam’s red mud.  I was falling A LOT.  I was holding up the women I hiked with … even so, it took me over two months to finally order my Solomons.  The tread is amazing.  I was instantly faster and more stable.  They were comfortable and required no break-in time. 

Fast forward 18 months in Spain.  On average I was walking 18 miles a day and it was hot.  I didn’t need my boots and had brought a pair of hiking shoes instead.  They weren’t working out and my feet were a mess!  By the end of the day, I slowed to a 37-minute mile.  I switched to sandals. Strangers were aware my feet hurt and asked me about them as they passed me.  And so, when we finally reached a town with a sporting goods store, based on my previous experience, Solomon was a name I trusted.  I bought a pair of trail runners, left the store with them on and proceeded to walk in them over 400 miles in the following three weeks.  Not a single new blister.

For the foreseeable future, they will be where I start for hiking and walking. 

(I receive no compensation from Solomon, or any other company.  All opinions are mine based on my own experience.)   

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