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Life Kinetic = Life In Motion

Inspiration to Travel and Connect

Send me your travel goals and I will help you plan your trip. It is that simple. For $15 an hour I will help you get started and research your trip!

Tell me as much about your trip as you know. Some things to include IF you know them…location/region/weather, # people, budget, # days, interests (history, adventure, city), fast paced/slow paced, budget-high end, hotel/restaurant/activity recommendations etc.

If you are new to Life Kinetic or just looking for ideas, I recommend 1-2 hours of research.  1-2 hours of research will give you some great ideas to start planning on your own, or will give us a point to discuss options and dig into further research.  This is your trip, so everything will be a conversation.  You can give me as many or as few parameters as you want.  If you don’t have any preconceived notion of your adventure then I will provide my initial research to you so we can have a conversation to further define it!  Initial confirmation of request will be sent within 48 hrs.

Send me an email and get started!


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