I love to travel more than anything – but I am not a travel snob.  There is no one right way to take a trip.  It is based on the individual, the location, the weather, your mood…and at least dozen other things.  There are day trips in your own region.  Some people love tours.  I don’t but definitely see their value.  (But make sure you pick the best tour for you and cut out the middle man where you can).  Some people try to cram in as much as possible in as little time as possible.  (I tend to fall into this category).  Some people like to just hang out in a new city – sit at a cafe or in a park and get a feel for the place.  (I love to do this as well).  You can stay in a 5 star resort or a hostel.  Eat at vendors on the street or a Zagat rated restaurant.  But the most important thing is to get out there and expand your horizons.  See some other corner of the globe.  Learn something.  Experience new tastes, sights and sounds.  Don’t rely on someone else’s cookie cutter approach.  Tailor your trip to your needs, wants, and desires.  That is the thought behind Life Kinetic Travel Research — have someone that knows how to navigate the travel world & resources help get you started with a trip completely tailored to you!



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