All Inclusive Beach Resort (1 hr Research)

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Request:  Find me some options for an all inclusive adults only beach resort to get me started.  One week in May 2016 over the 27th.  Budget $5,000-$7,000.  Fly from DCA.  Vow renewal with photographer, beauty salon and spa.  Airport transfer.  One hour of research with some recommendations for the client to investigate further:
This is my favorite thus far.  $3300 for the week in May (I’ve been looking at 21-28 May 2016 (Saturday to Saturday)).  Room with a private garden and swim up pool.  It is a small boutique all inclusive hotel with 4 restaurants, several bars, complimentary vow renewal, spa, fitness center…
I have never stayed at a Sandals but I know folks love it.  This price fits depends a lot on the room (between $3,500 and $6000 for the week you are looking at) and vow renewals are extra so this place is on the high end…
They have resorts in Mexico or Jamaica.  The resort in Jamaica is new. This will be on the high end of your budget but has a spa, does weddings, restaurants, pools (with swim up bar), beach, fitness center…
I broke the rules as this place is not all inclusive.  However, for a one room ocean cottage it is $4000 grand for the week.  So even with airfare you still have over $2000 left of your budget for meals, drinks and spa.
Even cheaper with access to town.  $3000 for the week.  Not positive they have a gym.  They do have a spa, weddings etc…  Not all inclusive but lots of the budget left over for meals and activities.
I like these because they are smaller, absolutely stunning views, a little off the beaten path and Jamaica sounds fun.
This location is larger which makes me not love it as much but it completely fits your list.  They have 10 restaurants, scuba diving is part of the all inclusive
All out splurging on their most expensive room this far out is about $6k for the week which includes your airport pick up, air credit, butler service, “exclusive dining”, spa credit etc… But the spa is pricey so it amounts to 25-50% off one massage/treatment.  They do have a 10% military discount.  Vow renewal is an extra $300
For your more adventurous side – this place is in Cambodia.  You would spend more $ on travel so it busts the desired budget range.  So be prepared before you look because it is beautiful.
It looks like this place only has one restaurant but other than that it is great.  Price is good, photos are amazing. Award winning.  Lots to do…
This place is in Antigua.  The price is a little more but instead of hotels it is a private cottage on the beach.  Also has spa and complimentary vow renewal.

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