Sundance Film Festival Memories and Traditions

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Next month is the 36th annual Sundance Film Festival.  Here are some of my favorite movies and memories from some of my earlier trips:

  1. Getting to see the early release of a great movie before it is bought by a studio: Little Miss Sunshine, The Company Men, 300 Days of Summer, and Love and Friendship.
  2. Seeing Stars: Walked so close to Danny DeVito I could touch him; sat in the theater with Scott Hyde Pierce; and listened to Philip Seymour Hoffman talk about his movie.
  3. Watching Dreams Come True: Most of these films are the passion of the writer and/ or director and have been in the works for several years.  One year after watching a fantastic film, during the Q&A the Director had to call her mom in the Middle East so she could participate in the opening night of the show.  There was not a dry eye in the house.
  4. Learning something new: You aren’t always able to get a ticket to the next big movie and often you watch a movie about a subject you know nothing about.  In 2010 I learned about the annual migration of 130 million Chinese city factory workers back to their homes to celebrate Chinese New Year.
  5. Taking time to eat at Sundance Resort, Wasatch Brew Pub and warming up with hot chocolate at Java Cow.

I wonder what I’ll get to see this year?

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