I follow well over a hundred travel blogs and when researching my trip to the Dominican Republic was shocked to find how little information there is on this magnificent destination.  Even the last Lonely Planet was three years old (although they did publish a new version a month before my trip).  Lucky for me, I did not have to rely on the research of others as I was also visiting a good Dominican friend born and raised on the island and now living there again.  This itinerary reflects his recommendations on how to spend a week in the Dominican Republic.  More details about each stop in the coming weeks.


Day 1:  Fly into Santo Domingo

Day 2 and 3:  Santo Domingo

Day 4:  Outskirts of Santiago

Day 5:  Northwest Dominican Republic with a home base in or near Puerto Plata or Cabarete


Day 6:  Continue to drive along the North coast and stopping in Samana

Day 7:  Explore Samana and Las Terrenas and return to Santo Domingo

Stay tuned for more details and information!

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