Many Camino online discussions revolve around budgets and costs.  Every pilgrimage will be different, but here I try to give you an idea of costs to start your planning.

Budget: 18-32 Euro

Bed:  5-12E (municipal or albergue)

Breakfast:  3E (from a grocery store)

Lunch:  5E (from a grocery store)

Dinner:  5-12E (grocery store or a pilgrim’s meal)

*Note while 18E is completely doable, this would affect your schedule and could require you to walk more days that you might normally.  You would need to be in town with a grocery store when they are open and you will need to stop for the day early enough to secure a bed in a municipal.

Mid-range: 51E

Bed:  20E (hostel)

Breakfast:  5E

Lunch and snacks:  10E

Dinner: 15E

Laundry every 3-5 days:  5E

*There is of course a middle ground between budget and mid-range.  I found the hostels to be more comfortable with smaller and quieter rooms.  However, I mixed things up and stayed in albergues, hostels and some private rooms.

High-end:  100 E

Bed:  50E (private room)

Breakfast:  5E

Lunch and Snacks:  15E

Dinner:  15E

Laundry every 3-5 days with dryer:  10E

Daily Bag transport:  7E

Admission to sights:  5E

*This is a high average.  There aren’t admission fees every day.  You could easily have the comfort of a single room but find a roommate along the way to help split the costs.

These costs reflect an average but don’t account for getting to and from the Camino. I think most travelers will be somewhere in the middle of two categories.  35E is a lot for food every day, and finding a 5E bed every night would become an endeavor.  There is also an online cost calculator to help you plan your budget.

Whatever you choose, it is your pilgrimage.  Walk your own walk!

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