I have lived in Japan for over a year now.  I live on the Western edge of Tokyo and have the world’s largest city at my doorstep.  But let’s face it — life gets busy.  Laundry has to be done.  We like to spend time with friends. And even for a world traveler who spends hours upon hours planning her next trip, I don’t always get out and explore my local area as much as I should.  But this spring I had company come visit.  And so like most people regardless of where you live, this motivates you to get out and see your own backyard.  Here is how I chose to entertain a visitor who had never been to Japan before:

Asakuska Sensoji Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo and where old Edo (Tokyo) was founded.


Kameido Tenjin Shrine to see the Wisteria (this is seasonal).  At another time of year I think I would have taken her to Meiji Jingu Shrine.


Imperial Gardens


Edo Museum (great interaction for children) and National Museum of Modern Art (arranged chronologically which also gave insight to the history and culture at the time)


Quick visits to Roppongi at night, Shibuya to see the world’s busiest crossing, Shinjuku to see the largest transport hub and Godzilla

Ramen alley in Tokyo Station and Ninniku-ya Garlic restaurant

I think it ended up being a great sampling of new & old Tokyo.

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