The Fuji 5 Lakes region is one of my favorite areas of Japan.  It is an easy drive from Tokyo but a completely different look at Japan.  While you can go on a tour, and it is possible to hit some areas on the train, I recommended renting a car for the day if you can. Make sure to pick a clear (non-hazy) day for the trip so you can see and fully appreciate Fuji-san.


Chureito Pagoda is the famous view of Mt. Fuji with the pagoda and flowers in the foreground.  This area can be accessed by train (Shimo-Yoshida Station) and is especially beautiful in the spring and fall.  Please note it is a short (20 minutes) but steep walk to the pagoda.


There are five lakes at the base of Mt. Fuji.   Kawaguchiko is the largest, most developed, closest to Tokyo, and the easiest to access by bus/train.  The surrounding town looks like a resort town with tons of shops and places to eat.  You can take a boat on the lake and a gondola for magnificent views of Fuji.


If traveling with kids, Fuji Q highland should be considered.  When built in the 80s, this park had some record breaking roller coaster.  Today it is still a first rate park with amazing views of Mt. Fuji and the nearby lakes.  It is a win-win.


If here in the spring, I highly recommend driving out to the Shiba-sakura Festival.  The flowers are magnificent, the views of Fuji are awesome, the food is fantastic and the drive is beautiful!  I went twice in 2019 and it was open from mid-April through the end of May.

In late May through June, and in September, driving to the 5th station for views of the lakes is a wonderful option as well.  You can only hike Fuji in July or August.  See my earlier post for more information.

Here is a great link to public transportation to the area if you don’t have access to a car.


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