4 Lessons Beach Crabs Can Remind Us About Life

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Before Guam, I really have not spent a lot of time by the water.  But here I get out at least once a week, sometimes more than that.  I hike.  I spend time at the beach.  And due to COVID, I have time to just sit.  I sit at the bottom of the falls.  I just sit at the beach and listen.  And when you are still – you begin to notice the life and color around you.  This is a lesson I started to learn when walking on the Camino, and that Guam has continued to teach me.  And one of my favorite things to do, when I am absolutely still and paying attention, is to watch the crabs on the beach.  And I have often found myself thinking about what they can teach me about life.  Side note, I am usually thinking about this as I am hiking back up a steep cliff line.  J

Diversity makes life beautiful and interesting.  The crabs would not be nearly so interesting and beautiful if they were all the same.  The diversity of colors, textures and sizes is unbelievable. 

Everyone has a load to carry.  Some of the shells are smaller than others but everyone has a shell. 

You need to stand still and be patient in order to see the good stuff.  If you just walk out the beach, you aren’t likely to see many crabs.  They run and hide.  It is only when you are perfectly still and they feel safe, will they start to emerge. 

Peace and Beauty Come After the Storm.  You are more likely to see crabs (as well as great rocks and coral) after a large storm.  It is also the storms of life that help clarify what is important and beautiful. 

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