MoSa’s Joint is a small independently owned place downtown.  For such a small place they have a large menu filled with burgers, fish, appetizers and sandwiches.  They also always have several vegan options that are more than just salad or tofu – everything I have tried has been delicious!  Eat inside, eat outside, or get it to go and walk across the street to have a beach picnic! 

The Beach has typical bar food of burgers that is ok and expensive.  However, you can’t beat the location.  It is right on the beach and is a few miles north of Tumon bay which makes it more of a place for locals than tourists. They also have an amazing grilled pineapple with ice-cream and caramel for desert!

TuRe is far enough south from Tumon to make it a place for locals.  They have a wide menu and a fantastic patio on the beach.  No matter what what you order, make sure to get (share) a pancake.  They are fantastic but huge! 

Asjen Ramen.  As you know, I came to Guam after living in Japan for two years.  I consider my ramen palate pretty developed and this place can compete.  The menu is more extensive than anything you would find in Japan but everything I’ve had is wonderful.  My favorite is the Volcano Ramen with the spice on the side and extra bean sprouts but since it is the Asjen broth that really makes it worth it, I don’t think you can really go wrong.

Jeff’s Pirate Cove in the Southeast is a favorite of both tourists and locals.  It has good food and an amazing view.  Plan to eat here if visiting Latte Stone Park, Yokoi’s Cave, Gado’s Cave or while some hiking in the SE. 

Pika on the North end of the island is a great place to go for tasty sandwiches.  Everything on the menu has a slight twist from what you may have seen elsewhere.  Everything I’ve had there has been delicious. 

Both Crust and Primo Pizzakaya have fantastic pizza.  I think I prefer Primo’s but really both are great!  Crust has a great salad that I love to grab on my way home. 

Alfredo’s Steak House is pretty expensive but a great place for a treat.  We went with a large group of both steak lovers and a few vegetarians.  There were no complaints and all dishes were outstanding. 

Dusit Grill doesn’t have the best food but I’ve been several times due to the vibe and location.  It is hard to pass up sitting right on the beach and watching the sunset! 

Stax for burgers.  As I’ve mentioned, I am mostly vegetarian.  And when I am paying attention, mostly Whole Foods Plant Based.  But I was craving some meat and out with girlfriends who wanted to go to Stax.  I broke down and tried their Chipotle burger.  The minute I took a bite, I vowed I would probably cheat and eat a burger once a month while living in in Guam.  It was that good.  It would easily rank in the top 5 I’ve ever had!  And being just a few miles from my front door and somewhere I pass every weekend, it is just too amazing to resist. 

JoinUs Restaurant in Tumon Bay.  This is hidden in the same complex that has Olive Garden, Chilis and Red Lobster. You won’t see it advertised outside and even inside the mall it is easy to walk by.  My office took me for my birthday and we all really loved everything we ate.

Cup and Saucer Bakery and Café is amazing.  The first time I went I couldn’t decide and ended up buying four slices of pie for my husband and me to share.   

Café Kitchen at the Hyatt has a wide menu and a wonderful view.  It is a great location for lunch or a sunset dinner. 

Savage is a small place in Tumon that has wonderful filling and unique sandwiches.  They have several options but I got the grilled cheese every time!

Carabao Brewing grew on me and became one of my favorite places.  I loved the menu and the vibe. 

Agat Grill doesn’t have my favorite food (although a lot of my friends love it) but is at a wonderful location on the water at the harbor!

While they don’t make my list of favorite places, I should note that Guam has several American chains.  I mention this for those Americans (or fans of American food) that have been traveling throughout Asia for an extended period of time.  In Guam you can find an Olive Garden, Lonestar Steakhouse, Apple Bee’s and Ruby Tuesdays. 

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